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The Approach

Building Anticipation

User Interface Design focus on anticipating what users might need to do and ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand and use to facilitate those actions. UI design brings together concepts from interaction design, visual design and information architecture.

With over 20 years of visual design and brand marketing experience, I was creating online and cloud based user experiences before the industry had a formal name for the job.

So understanding my audience, and how they would interact with my designs was essential to ensuring the information and content was consumed. By identifying the need and specific context of use, I am able to specify user and organizational requirements.

These requirements drive the production of design solutions, which are further evaluated against the requirements and iteratively satisfy specific user and organizational requirements.

Down to the Wire

From my youth, I’ve had a unique ability to take vision, translate it to actionable items and create visual representations of the process. As I design for a more mobile and global audience than ever before in history, this is an essential tool to have.

Solid wire-frames that effectively communicate the purpose and structure of functions and content of a webpage, site, or application are the primary building blocks of every successful development project.

With every wire-frame I design, the goal is to desperate the graphic and functional elements in such a way that development teams can easily understand how users will interact with the resource.

In an Agile environment, when deadlines are tight and effective communication is critical. Good mockups and prototypes come down to the Wire. “The Wire-frame, that is.”

Stacking Up to Expectations

Choosing the the best technology stack for every project is essential, and there are many factors to consider. Understanding the expected results, development team and timelines are just a few factors. And knowing what's available requires constant research.

I generally make choices that are quantifiable throughout the design and development process. knowing how tools relate or stack up is the key to building solutions that can stand the test of time.

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The tools

The Skills

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My Passion: Creating User Interfaces & Rich Media experiences