About Larry Perry


I offer responsive and distinctive UI/UX Development

My goal is to provide user experiences that elevate the spirit and create value for our clients and the community. I am a problem solver, and most importantly, skilled listener. I strive to incorporate the best in energy- and money-saving techniques and materials into every project.

Rich Media Design & Content Marketing

Global spending on media is forecast to rise at a compound annual rate of 5.1 percent during the next five years—to $2.1 trillion in 2019, from $1.6 trillion in 2014 and December 2015. I have been creating rich media and content marketing for over 20 years with a continued focus on globalization.

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By the numbers

Understanding the Data

I have been increasingly faced with the challenge of designing user experiences that are centered around huge amounts of data and information. Understanding how information exists behind the scenes makes this process infinitely easier.

Focusing on the Human Factor

One of my primary goals is a focus on how the end-user will interact with the data throughout the design process. Creating efficiency through minimizing clicks and maximizing efficiency of data associations on a per screen basis creates an environment that is focused on how the user interacts with and experiences the application.

Developing Data Informed Designs

Designing around data is essential to building data driven applications. As common-sense as this is, it is always a challenge to create simple, intuitive user interfaces and experiences that utilize large amounts of data. Having designed for companies like Home Depot, Macy's Inc. and EE Limited UK have given me a unique insight on how to overcome these challenges.



I strive to excel in every service I provide, adding value for customers wherever possible, and perusing international leadership in experience design, development and rich media marketing.

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