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Visual Artist / Designer

Website Design, Photography, Graphics, Video

I am a visual artist who has evolved into a front-end developer over a 20 year period.

Much like the paints and brushes of my youth, the computer and software tools, frameworks and languages I use are now my tools to create.

My goal is to provide designs that elevate the spirit and create value for clients and the community. I am a problem solver, and most importantly, skilled listener, who strives to incorporate the best in energy- and money-saving techniques and materials into every project.

Writer / Publisher

Creating History in Print

In 2007, the recession hit my business like many others. At the time I had grown my business to 15 employees including my wife and myself. Times were very hard and business opportunities were very hard to find. I was faced with closing the doors or finding new outlets to build relationships and generate sales.

Photographer / Videographer

Photography & Videography

I have been drawing since the age of two and producing photography and video is a foundation to all the media I produce. My goal is to capture an instant in time that allows the viewer to feel as though he/she was there.

Photographer / Videographer

I have been shooting Photography and and doing video production for over 20 years. Still and motion pictures provides a foundation for most every project I produce. Shooting has allowed me to connect with world leaders in the areas of business, community leadership, music and entertainment. Knowing how to connect with people and tell a story through pictures and video is the foundation of rich media.

I view the world differently through the lenses of my cameras. I look for the right angle or view that will best engage viewers and allow them to experience that instant in time over and over again.

I take the end-user's perspective into every project. The challenge is to set the proper expectation in the beginning. Much like photography UI/UX design requires a unique ability to see beyond what is happening at the moment and create experiences that last a lifetime.

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