Sometimes life leaves you with no other options but to set your sights on your prize and claim it, and when failure isn't an option, you really learn what you're made of.

I have been drawing since the age of two. I was literally learning to create at the same time I was learning to walk.

In 2001 I walked away from the security of my career in Information Technology and launched Epic 1 Marketing & Design, Inc. with a focus on changing the face of media, marketing and advertising, and by 2005 I was building relationships with global corporations like FedEx, International Paper and The US Postal Service.
The company was even noted in the Memphis Business Journal for "Beating The Odds".

2005 Memphis Business Journal | Beating the Odds

"If I were to sit here and say it wasn't a test of faith and that I didn't do it because of my faith, I'd be wrong..."

In just a few years, the company grew to 15 employees and was in the expansion process, but as with anything in life, nothing great is accomplished without challenges. Like other media firms, I felt the sting of the recession, and by 2007 all plans for growth were halted. In fact, as businesses tightened their belts, marketing budgets were the first to dry up. My company was headed for bankruptcy, and I was faced with a simple choice, evolve or die.

I took time to ask the difficult questions about my company and myself. The conclusion was to follow global market trends toward mobile solutions, and for my business, this required a new approach to building business relationships.

Subsequently, the company was redesigned from the inside out. Epic 1 Media was birthed, and with the new company, I built a host of new websites delivering content marketing using technologies including AJAX, Javascript, Jquery, DHTML and Flash.

I also built relationships with Xerox Corporation and key leaders at Interscope Records, and began publishing printed magazines and hosting major events.

Epic 1 Media was an instant success bridging relationships with global celebrities and reaching to the White House.

Epic1tv.com was designed to reach a younger market and build relationships with music and entertainment partners, sponsors and consumers. The site showcased billboard charting music videos, national commercials and rich media from across the internet, and reached over 1.3 million hits per month during President Barack Obama's first presidential campaign.

Creative Force Modeling & Talent was launched to respond the the tremendous response from talent requesting opportunities to support the music and entertainment projects Epic 1 Media created.

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Larry Perry | FedEx Purple Promise Supplier Symposium

I published the first issue of Epic 1 Media Magazine in 2008. The inaugural issue was dedicated to my mother, uncle and grandfather who all inspired me to peruse entrepreneurship.

I went on to produce annual issues for the next few years.

As the world transitioned into rich media, I developed more content driven marketing and advertising campaigns.

Developing user friendly interfaces became a necessity as I delivered more rich media content than ever before.

In 2009 Epic 1 Media hosted several history making events, including the GO-SEE Magazine Fashion & Hair Show at Mingle Wood Hall. I partnered with Paul Mitchell, Dillard's, Buckle, Moor Skincare and Bespoke Fine Clothing. There were fashion industry leaders, buyers and store owners in attendance with a net worth of over 20 million dollars.

Immediately following the fashion show, I partnered with Elder Briggs, and the Powerboat Super League to host the first annual Memphis International Riverfront Regatta.

There were 85 confirmed tornadoes the between April 9-11... 9 of which occurred the weekend of the event

After building relationships with the Memphis City Council, NASCAR, Chick-Fil-A, Elvis Presley Enterprises and every major news and sports outlet in the region, the event looked to be a certain failure due to inclement weather. For the first two days of the event, crowds weathered the rain and storms watching test runs from the racers up and down the river, but with all the debris in the Mississippi river, the coastguard was not prepared to approve the official race.

Boats dredged the river Saturday and most of the day on Sunday to remove trees and other debris from the waters. Miraculously, the clouds cleared on Sunday afternoon and the Coast Guard gave the all-clear. I made a call to partners at Clear Channel Radio and the local television stations to release the news to the city and over 10k people showed up on race day.

The Event drew over 25K spectators Over 3 Days

During the event, I directed both film and photography crews, even placing camera crews with the coastguard who kept a watchful eye from the middle of the river as boats raced by. The footage was spectacular and the event broke records for viewers on the Fox Sports South network for a "first time event" debut.

The race was aired several times throughout the year; even becoming a part of Fox's Thanksgiving Day programming.

With over two decades of experience creating websites, graphics, rich media marketing and advertising, I am focused on building lasting global relationships in the future.

The last 20 years have represented many challenging and rewarding times. The experiences have helped shape my views of how technology and rich media drive global business. Please take a moment to review my portfolio and experience the last 20 years from my point of view.