Brand Marketing Chick-fil-a

Even though it is the second largest quick service chain in the U.S. and has enjoyed over 41 consecutive years of positive sales growth, Chick-Fil-A has not lost focus on the one thing that matters… customer service.

As the storms blew into the mid-south on Saturday, August 1, 2009, the Memphis International Riverfront Regatta was in full swing and many people went running for shelter, but Justin Pickard, 18 years old and an employee of Chick-Fil –A, drove from clear skies into the storm, and rain to feed the masses in Tom Lee Park.

Unable to park close to the venue, he alone made over six trips by foot up and down the over 80 steps from the Bluff to the park below to ensure the food was delivered. Justin stated, “There were so many people there who could have helped me and would have offered to help, but the rain and lightning were really bad, and it was my job to get them the food. I would not have asked a soul to help me.

It was my job to deliver them hot, fresh, dry food.” As he went the second mile, we at the Memphis International Riverfront Regatta extend our thanks to Justin Pickard, Jonathan McGraw (Daytime Manager / Unit Coordinator) and Mr. Anthony House (Operator). We look forward to a great event next year, hopefully with clear skies.